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Tandem Axle Carhauler Trailers

The Tandem Axle Carhauler Trailers are available from 16’ in length and 7' in width. We offer trailers with slide-in ramps or 4’ gates and a dovetail is also available on some of our tandem axle trailers. Uses include lawn care equipment, show cars and other medium duty trailering needs. Tandem Axle Utility trailers are also available as a gooseneck through special order

TLC Carhauler with Slide-In Ramps

Standard Features

TLC Carhauler with Slide-In Ramps

Available Options


We do our best to keep our pricing current but prices are subject
to change without notification ~ Call for Latest Prices

Tube Car Hauler Trailers
Torsion 2-Brake
7’ x 16 $3,100.00
7’ x 18 3,200.00
7’ x 20 3,325.00
Spring 1-Brake
7’ x 16 2,550.00
7’ x 18 2,650.00
7’ x 20 2,775.00


8k Drop Leg Jack $100.00
Spring Axle - 2 Brakes 125.00
Chrome Wheel Upgrade on Spring Axle
(includes Radial Tires, Chrome Lug Nuts & Center Caps)
Chrome Wheel Upgrade on Torsion Axle
(includes Chrome Lug Nuts & Center Caps)